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Sunday, June 25

Dead and Company hits another Home Run at Citi Field as Oteil sings Comes a Time during the Jerry slug fest.

Dead and Company hits another Home Run at Citi Field as Oteil bust outs Comes a Time during the Jerry slug fest. Setlist, Videos and my 411. 
  Dead and Company delivered another grand slam at Citi Field in New York on Friday night. They filled the air with a setlist heavy on Jerry classics, delivered with vigor and purpose. The magic began with a jazzy cover of " Dancing in the Streets" that got the audience involved from the first pitch. The Martha Reeves and the Vandellas cover evaporated into a welcomed version of "Jack Straw". The western tale then led into the first of four Jerry tunes beginning with "Here Comes Sunshine". Even though it was my birthday and they were playing in my hometown, I was stuck watching the stream in "Tennessee Jed". Following a powerful "Cold Rain and Snow". The band took "Bird Song" on a elongated musical journey, as Mayer showed a ton of patience letting this classic spread wings and develop into a version that included a few beautiful jams before the expected classic "One more Saturday Night". The rousing Bobby tune ended the set and the run of Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter tales. 
  The immaculate second stanza began with the "Scarlet Begonias" that was missing from the Bristow show. This crowd favorite started a string of songs that melted into one another with uncanny musical transitions that really shined a spotlight on how tight this band has become. "Scarlet" melted into a rousing "Viola Lee Blues" that fed into a majestic version of "Estimated Prophet". Bobby was really feeling good and gave this anthem all he had. Next was one of those magical moments that only happens a few times a summer as Oteil dusted off the Jerry balled "Comes A Time". Tears were rolling down my face as Oteil sang his heart out. The rest of the set continued the bliss with an adventurous "Eyes" and a psychotic version of "The Other One" coming out of space. A show this special can only end one way and the Bobby's rejuvenated voice delivered the "Morning Dew" everyone deserved and expected. Similar to Boulder the Dew closer was followed by a welcomed "Touch of Grey" encore. Then Mayer got to show off his chops with the Chuck Berry timeless tune "Johney B.Goode" to close out a Grateful night of music. Dead and Company keep raising their game each show and I don't believe their is any ceiling. This band is something special and I could not be anymore excited for our community. Let Oteil Sing Indeed! 
Comes A Time

Morning Dew

 Tennessee Jed

Here comes Sunshine 

The Other One from Empire State Building 

Set 1
Dancing in the Streets>
Jack Straw
Here Comes Sunshine 
Tennessee Jed
Cold Rain and Snow>
Bird Song
One More Saturday Night
Set 2
Scarlet Begonias>
Viola Lee Blues
Estimated Prophet>
Comes A Time*>
Eyes of the World>
The Other One>
Morning Dew
Touch of Grey>
Johney B. Goode