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Monday, May 8

Tribute to Col. Bruce Hampton A Special Inside Out with Turner and Seth Podcast


"Inside Out w/ Turner and Seth" Podcast present special tribute to Col. Bruce Hampton 

Listen to the Col. Bruce Hampton Tribute HERE

Atlanta, GA -- The Podcast "Inside Out w/ Turner and Seth" offers Col. Bruce Hampton Tribute which features interviews from his final performance. This is not an episode. This is a tribute to the man who breathed Zambi life into this program and into just about every conscious person in the organic music world, Col. Bruce Hampton. Hosts Rob Turner and Seth Weiner were the only journalists set up backstage at the Hampton 70! Tribute at Atlanta’s Fox Theatre May 1, 2017. In cosmic keeping with the truly singular history of The Colonel, the event remains one of the most powerfully joyous musical evenings in Atlanta entertainment history, despite the fact that it ended with the death of the man being celebrated. A tragedy to all in attendance except perhaps the man who began his journey to the beyond in arguably his own ideal fashion, on stage with his favorite musicians, shining a light on an outstanding young player and goofing on just about everyone in attendance while the band played on. In this episode the hosts share some of their own thoughts, and then portions of some of the many interviews they conducted at The Fox that day. Here, The Colonel’s friends Jeff Sipe, John Bell, Jon Fishman and Rev. Jeff Mosier talk about all things Colonel. These musicians who knew him well explain many examples of why Col. Bruce Hampton was widely considered not just a shaman, but a particularly shaman-tastic one, even when he was having tea with other shamans. 

This program believes that whether you are a musician or a fan who was at The Fox Theatre on that night, the best way tohonor The Colonel is to remember the event and his death not with sadness, but with laughter. It was frightening and confusing that night. But as time passes, it should be increasingly revealed that it was even more of a delightfully twisted final exclamation point on a joyfully “outside” life that touched an absolutely stunning array of people. As Jeff Mosier says, “choose gratitude.”