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Monday, May 29

Tour has just begun and I fear in a month Dead and Company could be done. An editorial by Kevin Long

Tour has just begun and I fear in a month Dead and Company could be done. An editorial by Kevin Long
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I take absolute no pleasure in writing anything 
negative about the one true love of my life. I don't do it to lessen anybody’s experience, I am just one person who has perspective and passion. But, Houston we have a problem. I realize they are only two shows in and it's been an emotional week for the band. I am such a fanatic that I gave both shows good reviews because buzzed, excited and in all good company I heard what I wanted to. Upon further review, I have listened to both nights a few times sober and they are less than stellar. In fact, they are a train wreck with moments of the morphine you get after the metaphorical crash. To be blunt, they sound like the band we all were afraid of when we first learned of Mayer’s involvement. I was worried about John being tired after his demanding schedule. It’s much more than fatigue, he has lost his chops along with his balls. Just has Trey’s playing was elevated after playing at “Fare Thee Phil”, Mayer seems to have forgot how to let loose following his long tour of bubble gum music.
I fear performing songs like “My body's a Wonderland” and “Dads tuck in your daughters” has halted his growth. I understand it's only two shows in, but it's a very short tour. The set lists will stay predictable until they start delivering the goods on the material the boy's are comfortable playing live. I fear a month is not enough time to right the ship. Jeff has been a god behind the ivory but it's akin to a great chef on a sinking ship. Where the shows fun? You bet! Was there moments? Goddamn right! Are they the best band performing the soundtrack of our lives? It's not even close, J.R.A.D is the answer but that would not change even if Dead & Company was killing it. But after two shows it's similar to a sequel of a epic movie, I feel I seen this before only better. I hope when they arrive in Boulder that the six members become one again. Then again what the fuck do I know. They may right the ship next time out, but I fear they don't have the tools to just fturn it on anymore. I am afraid that our beloved Dead & Company may be extinct. Be safe family! 
This honesty is brought to you by Kevin Long if you want every show to be epic head to any other site.