The much anticipated Grateful Dead documentary is perfect in every way. A review by Kevin Long

The much anticipated Grateful Dead  documentary is perfect in every way. A review by Kevin Long
The Grateful Dead's long awaited documentary  "A Long, Strange, Trip" is a monumental achievement in every way imaginable.  In telling the story of "The Grateful Dead" they managed to help define it. The movie is so authentic in its manner of explaining the magic that is "The Grateful Dead" its imagery threaten to become the very lore it was exploring. The documentary is fearless choosing to tell the story of the band's career like a jigsaw puzzle. Jumping all around while managing to still tell a linear tale.The never before seen footage was phenomenal in quality only surpassed by its presentation. The band beyond description luckily is more clear today, but the real marvel of this masterpiece is so is the spirit.The Greatest Story has at last been told. This movie did much more than tell the story of “The Grateful Dead”, it became part of it. 
Kevin Long
Grateful Music will be exploring this marvel of a gift much more in the coming weeks.. Congratulations to all that contributed to this movie. It will be the music documentary all others are measured by. 

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