That night in Knoxville when Fishman sang Wind Beneath My Wings to Col Bruce Hampton while he read the newspaper.

That night in Knoxville when Fishman sang Wind Beneath My Wings to Col Bruce Hampton while he read the newspaper. 

     Col. Bruce Hampton performed with Phish several times but my favorite time they shared the stage, all Bruce did was read the newspaper and laugh. That night in Knoxville, TN. Fishman sang "Wind Beneath My Wings" to his idol.  It's remains one of my favorite live music memories and I asked Bruce about it when I interviewed him a few years back. He said Phish called and wanted him to come to the show. But Bruce just played a few gigs and was tired. John told him he would only have to sit round and relax. Col. Bruce the ultimate prankster got pranked. Thanks to Jambase for helping me remember this great moment and for provided the footage below. 

 This is from the Col. Bruce Hampton documentary Basically Frightened it contains  footage of the funny guest appearance. It also offers an explanation  from Phish bassist Mike Gordon on how it went down:

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