Rumors are spreading that Led Zeppelin will reunite for Deseret Trip 2017.

Rumors are spreading that Led Zeppelin will reunite for Deseret Trip 2017. 
     The rumor on the internet that Led Zeppelin will reunite for a Desert Trip 2017 is starting to gain traction. They were reported to be offered between 14-17 million dollars to play last year's inaugural Desert Trip. Many websites including AMP are reporting that the members are more inclined to do it since their 50th anniversary in just around the corner.The website  Feel Numb, who broke the news about Guns and Roses reunion, printed this quote below. 
have some well placed sources in the industry telling me that Robert Plant has agreed to reunite Led Zeppelin for Desert Trip 2017.  Rumor has it they turned down a reported $14 million dollar pay day to play at last years festival and that this year there are "millions & millions" of more reasons why they should do it.
  Further driving fans wild is the cryptic message on Robert Plant's website that just says "Any Time Now". He is recording an album or he could be referring to when the website will be up and running again. One thing is for certain "Led Zeppelin" would certainly bring the huge name to the second Desert Trip it so desperately needs. I won't hold my breath, but would certainly open up my wallet if this musical dream is true. 
Kevin Long 

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