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Sunday, May 28

Dead and Company performed under extremely hot conditions on tonight in Phoenix, they perforrmed an ever increasingly brilliant show every bit has hot and dirty as the desert.

Dead and Company performed under extremely hot  conditions on tonight in Phoenix, they perforrmed an ever increasingly brilliant show every bit has hot and dirty as the desert.  
     My favorite opener since I jumped on the bus in 92 was "Feel Like A Stranger". Over a half century later, it's still the song that is perfect in that one slot. Shit, I could make a convincing case that it was written just for that reason. The song let's everyone involved in the process loosen up. The band flexes their improv  muscles early, as well as their harmonies. The fans get dancing in a big hurry and we are pleased it will be "A long, long, crazy night. The first set smoked even if the majority of the first set song selection was predictable. The exceptions were a gorgeous and much needed "Peggyo and a funky "Loose Lucy". They were breaths of fresh in the dry heat. Predictable or not, the closing combination of "Sugaree" and the Sunday "Samson and Delilah" absolutely was ridiculous. It's early in the tour but it's nice to finally fucking hear Jeff. It only took two complete tours to fix the gross oversight or lack of judgement. I am just pleased we can hear his magic in the mix. 
    The second set was much more creative in the song selection and the responded with one of their most complete set to date. The explosive second half became special fast when Bobby played  his mysterious combo of "Lost Sailor" >"Saint" that was delivered with such passion it was akin to an actor on stage. The tantrum  musical rollercoaster exploded into the "Saint of Circumstance". The band took this anthem to new heights has the crowd rejoiced. . The extended jam perfectly gave birth to a stirring "Crazy Fingers". John Mayer owned this complicated tune in every possible facet, from the lyrics to a stirring jam after "but I try". The momentum did not subside with a "Scarlet> Fire" that was huge in scope and  all six members approached their duties like soldiers. The only thing that could kill this party happened in the form of Drums and space......again. The long first part of the set only left time for two songs and the above average segment of space flowed into "Dear Prudence" and all was right in the world. John brought the house down closing the show with a straight forward rock and roll version of "Casey Jones". The band rewarded the fans with a fitting " Touch of Grey" encore. They keep this pace this tour will be the stuff of legend. 

Set 2 
Lost Sailor>
Saint of Circumstance
Crazy Fingers
Dear Prudence>
Casey Jones > 
Touch of Grey