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Sunday, May 14

Breaking News Spafford replaces their drummer Nick Tkachyk.

  Breaking News Spafford replaces their drummer Nick Tkachyk.  
Photo: Ron Adelberg  
   Spafford has been creating a ton of buzz and new fans with their unique sound and amazing live performances. Today, they are making news for another reason as they have replaced Nick Tkachyk with Cameron Laforest on drums. The reason for the change is not clear as of yet. On their website it only has the name of the new drummer as a member of the band. Here is a photo of Cameron below:
Photo: Jay Stevens
Here at Grateful Music we do know that Cameron is a huge Phish fan and used to plays in a Phish cover band.

 We hope the reason for the switch is all about the music. I am sure we will get an official reason for the switch shortly. We wish Nick Tkachyk luck with all his future endevours and are excited to see Spafford 2.0 soon. 
Kevin Long