Ben and Jerry create a new flavor of ice cream in honor of Bob Marley.

Ben and Jerry create a new flavor of ice cream in honor of Bob Marley. 
   In the "it's about damn time" story of the month. Vermont's ice cream pioneers "Ben &a Jerry" who   already have ice cream flavors that honor "Phish" (Phish Phood) and "Jerry Garcia" ( Cherry Garcia) have announced a new flavor in honor of Reggae legend Bob Marley. The new flavor, titled "One Love" has banana ice cream mixed with fudge peace signs and swirls of caramel and Graham cracker. Damn! That sounds amazing. Ben & Jerry's became partners with the Marley family to create this flavor with proceeds to help fund a youth empowerment program in Jamaica. That is what we call a, "Win, Win". Watch this video about One Love and all the good it will accomplish besides your munchies. 
Kevin Long

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