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Tuesday, May 2

Bandmates and Friends speak out about their dearly departed mentor. Col. Bruce Hampton.

Bandmates and Friends speak out about their dearly departed mentor. Col. Bruce Hampton. 

   Oteil Burbridge who got his start in A.R.U before he would play with The Allman Brothers & Dead and Company  took to Facebook to share his thoughts about Hampton:
“If you’re lucky enough, you’ll meet someone who will show you the impossible over and over again until one day you find yourself doing things you never thought you possibly could. Without him there would be no Oteil in the Allman Brothers Band or Dead & Co. There would be no Oteil From Egypt. He changed the entire trajectory of my life. He literally ‘changed my mind.'”
Lifelong bandmate, ARU member and was present at the 70th Birthday show Rev. Jeff Mosier posted the following on his public Facebook page, “He died at Crawford Long Hospital here in Atlanta just a while ago. I feel so blessed to have been there tonight and be a part of the greatest gathering of friends and loved ones. I’ve never seen Bruce happier. I’ve never been sadder. I’ve dreaded this day for years, but could have never imagined a more joyful departure. I feel so lost.”
Derek Trucks who met Col. Bruce Hampton when he was 12 and was performing at the infamous show last night. Derek was recently on Marc Maron's WTF podcast and shared his sentiments about his mentor and what Bruce meant to him.
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DEREK TRUCKS: I ran into some musicians early on that kind of pointed me down a different path. There’s this guy named Col. Bruce Hampton in Atlanta, Georgia and he’s says he’s a minor league baseball coach for musicians. A lot of people come through him, and he’ll take talented musicians and kind of shatter them into a thousand pieces and then they reform as just more realized humans.

MARC MARON: What’s his job?

DT: He’s a musician, singer, player ..

MM: From Atlanta?

DT: Yeah.

MM: You met him where?

DT: I met him, we played a club with him when I was 12, he had a band called the Aquarium Rescue Unit and it was Oteil Burbridge on bass ended up playing in the Allman Brothers, it was Jimmy Herring on guitar – super musicians. But the Colonel’s a fascinating character. Duane Allman got him signed to Columbia in 1970 – the Hampton Grease Band. His claim to fame is the second lowest selling double record ever on Columbia. This is the type of character the Colonel is. He can spew baseball stats all day long, but he would hit me with the right book or the right record at the right time, turn me on to Son House or the aspects of Howlin’ Wolf’s thing that you should be focusing in on. 

MM: Which were what?

DT: Well, just Hubert Sumlin and just the band and the whole thing, I mean he had seen Wolf a dozen times and just stories — he’s the one that bought be A Love Supreme and turned me onto Sun Ra. 

MM: You need that guy. Usually it’s an older brother but in your league …

DT: But the Colonel it was that. Every time I would see him he would check in. It was like, “I think you’re ready for this” and give me a Krishnamurti book. Like when he thought you were ready to take it on he would hit me with this amazing record or this literature or whatever.

MM: So when go up there and you’re 12 and you’re doing your boy-genius tour, what’s the first thing he hit you with? 

DT: I think the first thing we connected on was probably Howlin Wolf or Bobby Bland maybe. That was the stuff. And then the deep delta blues stuff. Bukka White. Son House.