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Monday, April 17

The Jackie Greene Band Denver, Colorado The Globe Theatre Words:Kevin Long Photos: Gregory Conrad Eggy & David D. Tracer

The Jackie Greene Band  Denver, Colorado The Globe Theatre  Words:Kevin Long Photos: Gregory Conrad Eggy & David D. Tracer 
    Jackie Greene spent two memorable nights at the intimate Globe Theatre in Denver, Colorado. The shows transpired on April sixth and the seventh, but the music was truly timeless. His band has been steadily improving over the last couple of years and when Jon Cornell took over the bass responsibilities the music benefited immensely. Jason Crosby has since joined the band for the entire spring tour and his presence completes this band. Jackie's music has never been this well served. The new hall was so tiny, they could not fit Jackie’s beloved Hammond B3 Organ into the building. The band more than made due with standard keyboards. Unlike prior Jackie shows, the keys did not remain idle while Greene led the band on guitar. This tour has Crosby’s skills behind the ivory, filling out the sound while pushing the jams into fresh directions. Jackie still climbs behind the keys on a number of songs while Jason switches to the fiddle adding to the soul of Jackie’s sophisticated lyrics. This line up has a special chemistry and the music has never sounded better. If the smiles radiating from the stage is any indication, the band is well aware of this fact. 

   They took the featureless stage around 10p.m. both on Thursday and Friday night. They did not play any repeats and the die hard fans that were lucky enough to secure tickets to both nights preferred it that way. The sold out crowds seemingly knew every word and loved every tune this savant performed. Jackie Greene is clearly gaining a loyal following in Denver.
    The first evening got off to a rousing start with Jackie on his acoustic guitar, ripping a blistering version of “ About Cell Block 9”. Over the course of the two shows we were treated to several rare tunes. The band had just finished a six night residency at Sweetwater where they performed entire Jackie Greene albums, so every song was fair game. On top of Jackie’s original soulful tunes, the band played remarkable covers of “He’s Gone”, “Scarlet Begonias” and they ended the doubleheader on Friday with a bluesy “Sugaree”. 
Over the course of the last couple of years, since Jackie has considerated on his own music full time. It does not matter if his band plays a rare original like  “A Letter Home” or a Grateful Dead classic, the crowd stays dialed in and sings along with every brilliant song. Jackie Greene has an unlimited about of timeless songs he as already recorded and still many more waiting to be written. After witnessing these two remarkable shows It’s safe to say, The Jackie Greene Band is the perfect group to deliver these tunes. 
Kevin Long
  Judge for yourself and watch these videos from the shows. 
Scarlet Begonia 

He's Gone

A Moment of Temporary Color