Saturday's playlist compiles every known Grateful Dead song and includes the final performance of every song.

Saturday's playlist compiles every known Grateful Dead song and includes the final performance of every song. 

This gem of a treat was compiled by "eyes of the world94". All the words and hard work that went into such this labor of love is much appreciated. 
*Not My Words 
This playlist compiles every known last time played performance of The Grateful Dead's original songs in chronological order. Where possible, I used the best sounding sources for each song. From their first album in '67, to their final live songs performed at their final show in '95, it incorporates ~30 years of the band's live output. 
The Warlocks/Emergency Crew repertoire, although considered to be "The Grateful Dead" to some, is not included here, as we don't have near enough tapes to pinpoint exactly when certain songs were performed last (ex: Cardboard Cowboy; Can't Come Down, etc.). 

I hope you all Deadheads enjoy! God bless all the Tapers, and The Grateful Dead. 

Cream Puff War (4/8/67)
Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion (5/5/67)
Born Cross-Eyed (3/30/68) 
Rosemary (12/7/68)
Clementine (1/26/69)
New Potato Caboose (6/8/69)
Mountains of the Moon (7/12/69) 
Doing that Rag (9/29/69)
Masonâs Children (2/28/70)
Operator (11/8/70)
Till The Morning Comes (12/26/70)
Easy Wind (4/4/71)
Alligator (4/21/71)
Empty Pages (8/26/71)
Chinatown Shuffle (5/26/72)
The Stranger (Two Souls) - 5/26/72)
Mr Charlie (5/26/72)
Weather Report Prelude only - (4/2/73)
Wave That Flag (early version of US Blues) - (6/10/73)
Let Me Sing Your Blues Away (9/21/73)
Money Money (5/21/74)
Weather Report Suite (full) - (10/18/74)
King Solomons Marbles (8/13/75)
The Eleven (9/28/75)
Mission In the Rain (6/29/76)
Cosmic Charlie (9/25/76)
Sunrise (9/16/78)
If i had The World To Give (11/20/78)
Caution (10/27/79)
From the Heart Of Me (2/17/79)
Heaven Help The Fool (instrumental) (10/31/80)
Sage & Spirit (10/31/80)
Passenger (12/27/81)
St Stephen (10/31/83)
Blues for Allah (3/31/84)
Only a Fool (4/23/84)
Lazy Lightning (10/31/84)
Cryptical Envelopment Suite (9/3/85)
Lost Sailor (3/24/86)
Day Job (4/4/86)
Donât Need Love (4/13/86)
Maybe You Know (4/21/86)
Tons of Steel (9/23/87)
My Brother Esau (10/3/87)
Gentlemen Start Your Engines (7/31/88)
Ripple (9/3/88)
When Push Comes to Shove (7/17/89)
Believe it Or Not (3/22/90)
Built to Last (3/26/90)
We Can Run (7/10/90)
I Will Take You Home (7/14/90)
Blow Away (7/16/90)
Easy To Love You (7/18/90)
Just a Little Light (7/21/90)
Far From Me (7/22/90)
To Lay Me Down (6/28/92)
Casey Jones (3/27/93)
Supplication (5/22/93)
Wave to the Wind (12/9/93)
Might As Well (3/23/94)
Dark Star (3/30/94)
They Love Each Other (9/27/94)
Comes A Time (10/9/94)
China Doll (10/11/94)
Dupree's Diamond Blues (10/13/94)
Salt Lake City (2/21/95)
High Time (3/24/95)
If The Shoe Fits (3/24/95)
The Wheel (5/25/95)
Alabama Getaway (6/2/95) 
Stagger Lee (6/18/95) 
Deal (6/18/95)
Row Jimmy (6/21/95)
It Must Have Been The Roses (6/22/95) 
Help/Slip/Frank (6/22/95)
Black Peter (6/22/95)
Friend of the Devil (6/24/95)
Days Between (6/24/95) 
Mexicali Blues (6/25/95)
Picasso Moon (6/25/95)
Ship of Fools (6/25/95)
Wharf Rat (6/25/95)
Brokedown Palace (6/25/95)
Greatest Story Ever Told (6/27/95)
Bertha (6/27/95)
Ramble On Rose (6/27/95) 
Foolish Heart (6/27/95)
Loser (6/28/95)
Black Throated Wind (6/28/95) 
Music Never Stopped (6/28/95)
Way To Go Home (6/28/95)
Estimated Prophet (6/28/95)
Uncle Johns Band (6/28/95)
Easy Answers (6/28/95)
Hell in a Bucket (6/30/95)
West LA Fadeaway (6/30/95)
Candyman (6/30/95)
Bird Song (6/30/95)
Looks Like Rain (6/30/95)
I Need a Miracle (6/30/95) 
Standing on the Moon (6/30/95)
Here Comes Sunshine (7/2/95)
Dire Wolf (7/2/95) 
Let it Grow only (7/2/95)
Scarlet Begonias (7/2/95)
Fire on the Mountain (7/2/95)
Victim or the Crime (7/2/95)
New Speedway Boogie (7/2/95)
Attics of My Life (7/2/95)
Feel like a Stranger (7/5/95)
Loose Lucy (7/5/95) 
Playing In The Band (7/5/95)
Crazy Fingers (7/5/95)
Throwing Stones (7/5/95)
Mississippi Half Step (7/6/95)
Brown Eyed Woman (7/6/95)
Cassidy (7/6/95)
Eyes of the World (7/6/95)
Truckin (7/6/95)
Heâs Gone (7/6/95)
Stella Blue (7/6/95) 
Liberty (7/6/95)
Jack Straw (7/8/95)
Sugaree (7/8/95)
Althea (7/8/95)
Tennessee Jed (7/8/95)
Eternity (7/8/95)
China Cat Sunflower (7/8/95)
Saint of Circumstance (7/8/95) 
Terrapin Station (7/8/95)
The Other One (7/8/95)
One More Saturday Night (7/8/95)
US Blues (7/8/95)
Touch of Grey (7/9/95)
Lazy River Road (7/9/95)
Childhood's End (7/9/95)
Cumberland Blues (7/9/95)
Shakedown Street (7/9/95)
So Many Roads (7/9/95)
Samba In The Rain (7/9/95)
Corinna (7/9/95)
Drums (7/9/95)
Space (7/9/95)
Unbroken Chain (7/9/95)
Sugar Magnolia (7/9/95)
Black Muddy River (7/9/95)
Box of Rain (7/9/95)

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