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Wednesday, April 12

Dead and Company share their orgin story in a new interview with Relix Magazine

Dead and Company share their orgin story, Mike Gordon, and a bevy of other topics in a new interview with Relix Magazine. 

      Dead and Company will be on the  cover on this coming April/May edition of Relix Magazine. Thanks to Jambase and an excerpt shared online we get to read some of the feature article/interview. The band talks about how they came together along with a bevy of other topics. They discuss the now infamous story of John Mayer hearing "Athea"on Pandora while floating in his pool. It's a interesting tale how that moment led Mayer to become a welcomed member in The Grateful Dead family. It's was not a secret that Phish bassist Mike Gordon was the first choice to play bass. “Mike gave it a shot and it worked out pretty well,” Weir said, “but then he decided he had too much on his plate, so we kept looking and we ended up with Oteil. And I’m glad that happened because Oteil is just a different style of bass player, so we can take the songs places that they don’t particularly go when we have a lead instrumentalist on the bass. It showcases the songs a little more and showcases the playing a little less.”
  One fact I was not aware of is that the boy's wanted to tour and were trying out other guitarist.“We weren’t looking for John,” Hart explained to Relix. “John came to us so impassioned that we couldn’t turn him down. It would be stupid. So we tried it out, and it worked from the get-go. He is really, really good—he’s fast and he’s confident. He came into this band knowing that it would be a great challenge, but he felt good about being a part of us. And we felt good about turning this solo artist into a groupist. So now he’s a groupist, and he really loves it too. There’s something you have to give up when you become a groupist. He’s normally a bandleader himself but, in this band, there are a lot of leaders. He has our sensibilities and he doesn’t have any of the pop-music trappings, as it were. We felt really good about him being a part of us, it was a very natural place.” They also cover where the name of the band originated from and plenty of other topics. Head here for more of the excerpt from the Relix article. Dead & Company begin Summer Tour 2017 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on May 27.
Thanks to Jambase and Relix for this article. 
Kevin Long