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Wednesday, April 5

Kurt Cobain kicked this yong narrow minded 14 year old Dead head in the face with brilliance and his suspicious death.

Kurt  Cobain kicked this yong narrow minded 14 year old Dead head in the face with brilliance and his suspicious death. 
Nirvana iconic frontman Kurt Cobain was 27 when he died on this rainy day in 1994. I will never forget the day they found a junkie suspiciously found with a self inflicted gun shot wound. It saddens me to feel what it's like to literally bury your high school group of friends. My point: I have known far too many friends who were addicts and sadly took their own life's . Not one used a fucking shot gun. I will leave what many of you think is cheap conspiracy click bait and I trust me I understand it's most likely a suicide. But Peep this! We all can argree that Courtney love and her band "Hole" sucked monkey balls through a curved kiddie straw. The record "Hole" put out  following Cobain's suicide kicked ass. Then they sucked again. Coincidence? Most Likely. I hope you are aware I am not alone in my suspicions. I don't claim to know the answer, it just never felt right. However, I can speak to what we lost that dreadful day. His talents transcended social  boundaries,  record labels could not even pigeon hole his brilliance. This in a time the late 80s and 1990s when our music was packaged for most by genre. I was the most narrow minded kid alive. I was a 15 year old, newly sprung Dead head and everything else sucked . But after playing "Nervermind" 50 times between shows until I was befuddled and questioned everything . Shit! We were kids and it was Curt fucking Cobain. Luckily, my travels following the Grateful Dead and Phish allowed me to see him live twice. Remind you we are 16-19 year old kids and following  12 Grateful Dead shows seeing " Nirvana", was similar to a thumb print. The one thing we all can agree on. is the world was robbed of the talents of a very sad prodigy. We lost an artist who's true potential was just being realized and it was taken from the world. Jerry had the "IT" factor too, but not many do. Forever 27. In the end he gave us so much, I can forgive him if he did end his own misery. Hell, I understand! Rest Easy, Curt 
Kevin Long and like that's just my thoughts man.(Diary Entries)