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Saturday, April 8

Bob Dylan's "Triplicate" A Review By Kevin Long ⭐️⭐️. Maybe a heard to much to fast!

Bob Dylan's "Triplicate" A Review By Kevin Long
⭐️⭐️. Maybe a heard to much to fast! 

      Bob Dylan has continued his never ending tour, but over the last five years. It seems his new releases are one cover album over another followed by three at once. Bob Dylan's latest release is a massive volume of his takes on the great American songs book. It's not that Dylan does not pick timeless and interesting songs to cover. It's just Bob Dylan is usually not the best artist to intrepid his own genius songs. I prefer almost ever Grateful Dead's version of the many classic Dylan songs they have performed. I am sure nobody would argue that "Watchtower" and " Like a Rolling Stone" is  best served up by Jimi Hendrix. Please, do not get mistaken a love Bob Dylan and have seen him live well over a 100 times. But besides "Rod Stewart's "Forever Young", I can't think of a Dylan classic that did not improve after a different artist put their own stamp on it. 
    But for whatever reason, not that Bob Dylan needs one dammit! But two straight records covering  Frank Sinatra standards between 1930-1950. If this seemed odd or excessive to others beside myself, I am not sure if this collection of three helps make the others seem like a plan or just some fucking cruel joke. I am not saying all three records are crap, but I will say I can't think of one highlight or even one example. Briefly, I thought they just repackaged his last two albums and added more Frank's songs. The three different records are separated in themes but that did not help me listen to my hero adding nothing to already realized classics. Make no mistake, Dylan approaches the material with passion and commitment. But it's akin to a good chef on a sinking ship. Usually, I would never question any record created by the best lyrist of all time. But seemingly, Bob Dylan has been on American Idol for years and they keep honoring the songs of Frank Sinatra. I don't pretend to understand what brilliant minds such as Dylan are thinking. But, at the same time, I will not pretend I am capable of  listening to his new "Triplicate" and remain awake. I just hope that Dylan will want to visit his own material soon or he move on to Sammy Davis Jr. 
Kevin Long