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Sunday, April 2

STS9 kicked off the "Get Loud"Tour in a big way at the Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas on Friday & Saturday. Words: Kevin Long Photos: Aaron (The Truth) Bradley

STS9 kicked off the "Get Loud"Tour in a big way at the Brooklyn Bowl in Las Vegas on Friday & Saturday. Words: Kevin Long Photos: Aaron (The Truth) Bradley
    STS9 have slowly but steadily been reinvented themselves since Alana Rocklin replaced beloved bassist David Murphy in 2014. They may have arrived at Red Rocks last summer wearing space suits but after the two opening shows in Las Vegas over this weekend it's safe to finally say "Mission Accomplished". 
   The vibe at the sold out "Brooklyn Bowl" in Las Vegas was beyond electric, in hindsight the legendary shows to follow were seemingly predestined. They began the historic weekend with a solid " Mobsters" that was screaming but did not stray from the beautiful script. The weekend took flight with the performance of   "Light Years" it was used as a jam vessel and the exploratory improvisation  was a musical rollercoaster that left many jaws planted firmly on the ground. 
The show took flight and did land for the remainder of the evening. The "20-12" included a Modular jam and the jam was supernatural. 
The crowd danced in a tribal fashion as the show transformed into historic proportions. A huge reason for this was new lightning designer Tiberius, his anticipation and instincts transformed the lights into another instrument expressing the music.  

  The second set began with the namesake of the tour "Get Loud" and it was the highlight of a show full of them. The hip hop remix had new vocals and the chaotic version found its way into a bass and drum segment that captured the audience attention instantly and would not relinquish it for the remainder of the show. STS9 is not only back they are better than ever. 
Setlist Night 1 
Set 1 
F World
Light Years Jam>
Wila Chikana
Set 2
Get Loud
Sun, Moon and Stars 
The Rabble
Encore Music, Us 
    STS9 Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas Saturday Night
   The second night at the Brooklyn Bowl took everyone to that sacred place we all chase following this undefinable band. STS9 took the energy from the euphoric sold out crowd they built the night before and  managed to capture it with another transformative performance. 
   If your an old school fan who has not jumped backed into this beautiful musical fantasy world that STS9 have rekindled. I implore you to listen to the "Moonsocket" from Saturday night. This gem grew wings and flew into outer space as the band was clearly improvising and was just as delighted as the smiling faces in the crowd when the music went to sacred territory. The joy, music and the band STS9 is not only back but stronger than ever. Get your ass to a show on the "Get Loud" tour and you will do just that.
Kevin Long 
Setlist Saturday Night
To The World 
Frequencies 2>
Out of this Workd>
Frequencies 3
Rilly wut>
Looking back on earth
Worry no more>
Hi key
Oil & Water
Call jam>>
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