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Saturday, April 1

Amazon Announces the cast for their Upcoming Grateful Dead T.V. Show.

Amazon Announces the cast for their Upcoming Grateful Dead T.V. Show.

This was my April Fool's Joke! 
April, 1st 

     Amazon just released the cast members that will play the Grateful Dead band members in their upcoming show about the band's life. I am not an acting coach but I must admit there are more than a few head scratchers. Before we announce the cast, one odd moment actually delayed the production team from casting the respective roles of the show. When executive producer and GD member Bobby Weir insisted on playing Jerry Garcia. The uncomfortable week of dealing with this unrealistic request came to an end when Bill Walton pointed out to Bobby that he has in fact been playing that role already since Jerry untimely death in 1995. One thing Bob was adamant about was picking the actor to play him. He insisted on 80's child star Corey Feldman, Bobby was quoted of saying "Just watch "Dream a Little Dream" 1 threw 6 if you think he does not have the cheese factor to pull of my complex role. Grateful Dead fan Bill Murray will play cosmic drummer "Mickey Hart". Bill Murray said he will draw on his performance from "Caddyshack" to really capture Mickey's unique spirit. Adam Sandler will be performing the role of Phil Lesh and mentioned to Enternaiment Weekly how Phil will be saying lines he has no business in performing for the show. Deuce Bigalow will be playing Billy kreutzmann when asked how he scored such an important role. He looked befuddled saying "Adam Sandler is in it so expect a few "You can do its"!. Oscar nominated actor Robert Deniro will play Pigpen and expressed how happy he was to be playing the starring role again. The role of Jerry Garcia has still not been filled and will not be on April Fools Day. 

  1. Kevin Long