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Friday, March 31

The new Super Group "Interstellar Boys" includes old friends ToddNance, Jerry Joseph, John Neff, Sam Holt and John Mills. Get all the411 here!

The new Super Group "Interstellar Boys" includes old friends Todd Nance, Jerry Joseph, John Neff, Sam Holt and John Mills. Get all the 411 here! 
    I took a ton of shit last year when my opinion of how and why Todd Nance was dismissed from Widespread Panic read differently than W.S.P.'s official no comment. Art imitates life and when one door slams in your face usually a window will eventually open. This looks to be the case with the announcement of the new group "Interstellar Boys". The band consists of aforementioned Todd Nance on drums, longtime friend and a true musician's musician Jerry Joseph( a modern day Warren Zevon), Sam Holt(Outformation), Jon Mills and John Neff from the "Drive-ByTruckers". This group of songwriters and musicians are going to hit the road and tackle new material and welcomed tunes from all their respected careers alike when they hit the road for their debut tour. This intriguing group of talent plan on kicking off their tour in Denver on July 14th. I could not be more excited to witness this impressive lineup at the Oriental Theatre on that date. After their debut a mile high they head to the friendly confines of the south. Confirmed dates start in Asheville on July 21, Raliegh on the 22nd followed by Charleston on July 23rd. Then the group are booked to play Atlanta on July 28th, Birmingham on 29th, and then Augusta on July 30th. More dates will be added shortly. This group should posses the chemistry to go along with the undeniable talent. This union reminds me of when the "Hard Working Americans" were announced with longtime solo frontman Todd Snider surrounded by some jam and they are one of my favorite bands touring today. "Intersellar Boys" with brilliant  songwriter "Jerry Joseph" has this same potienal. I am sure they will not be performing "Two Ballons" but between old friends nothing will surprise me. Grateful Music will keep you updated as more details are released about this promising new project. 
Kevin Long