String Cheese Incident ends its run in Aspen with more bust-outs. Setlists & 411

String Cheese Incident ends its run in Aspen with more bust-outs. Setlists & 411
     Wow! S.C.I's  Roots Rivival Tour just keeps getting better. It's hard to comprehend this burst of creativity but Wednesday's show in Aspen was as if a wormhole transported everyone back to the late 1990s. 
    They started the show acoustic as they have the previous three shows. They performed the first acoustic version of "Rollover" and had four songs that have been absent from S.C.I.'s sets for at least 100 shows. They ended the magical evening with a nod to International woman's day with Peter Gabriel's "Shaking the Tree". The time machines next stop is Friday in Crested Butte. 

Setlist (via Friends Of Cheese)

Set One: Just Like Tom Thumbs Blues, The Road Home1, Long Gone2, Mouna Bowa, Stop That Train3, Honky Tonk Heroes, Rollover, These Waves > Djibouti Bump > Colliding > Long Train Runnin’ > Colliding

Set Two: Desert Dawn > Shake Everything You Got4 > Miss Browns Teahouse, Sirens, Windy Mountain, Freedom Jazz Dance, BollyMunster, This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody) > Desert Dawn

Encore: Shaking The Tree

1 Last Time Played 8/5/07 (212 shows), 2 Last Time Played 7/1/12 (127 shows), 3 Last Time Played 7/8/04 (343 shows), 4 First time played

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