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Tuesday, March 7

Mung Force Achieved: Mungion at Durty Nellies in Chicago. A review by Michael Wallentin with a link to the audio of the show.

  Mung Force Achieved : Durty Nellies
On this past Friday, March 3rd, Mungion took control in Palatine, and all of Durty Nellies with support by Chachuba. Both bands were also graced with the talents of Phillip Roach on the fiddle, from Cornmeal. If you haven’t heard of these rising elites from the Chicagoland area, grab some speakers. Both Chachuba, and Mungion will be representing themselves well this Summer, as they will be off to the road. As for Palatine, the room was packed, and the band played to a nearly sold out crowd. The crowd was wild, enthusiastic, and energized, here’s how it played out. 

The night began around 9 pm, with many people there well in advance. Durty Nellies is a split platform venue. It holds a restaurant on one side, with a full service bar. The other is a two-tiered venue, that has great sound quality, and more than enough room. An open bank second story allows for the show to be enjoyed from all over. The room was filled before the house lights had gone down, and many people were settling in to their groove pockets. There were familiar faces everywhere. 

With Chachuba-like charm, led out by guitarist Jimmy Klimek, and amplified by bassist Nate Beitz, the band erupted into ‘In Time’. In the background emerged percussionist Michael Gonzalez, an old friend, and a very special guest. A song that gets out there, and strings itself back into the beginning, but not after a long time lost in space. Chachuba, finds much of its uniqueness from the man on the boards, Sean Dicosola. Sean is a master at radiating between melodies, and creating elaborate soundscapes that take their music to the next level. 
This was thoroughly shown through a Tycho cover, ‘Dictaphones Lament’. The one song I had to go back to listen to, has so much flavor, and the leap to cover it with a full band was surprising, yet bold. Creating weaving and cascading melodies Klimek brings us through both ‘Vapor City’ and ‘Now Now’ effortlessly. The energy was sustained by drummer Gary Goodheart, through the entire show. A newer edition to the band itself, and one the crowd wishes to stay. The room was electric. Before the band had brought on a surprise, the first half of the set came to an end with ‘Chaw the Creator’ 
For the second half of their set, the boys welcomed up another guest, Phillip Roach from Cornmeal. The sounds were transformed immediately, the space created by the fiddle, and percussion brought the band to new heights. Excellent version of ’Space Time’, and ‘Playbill’ seemed to sync together without friction. To end the night the boys rallied together for one electrifying version of ‘In Your Mind’, and left the room full of smiles, anticipating the rest of the night. Well deserved the room erupted in applause as they exited the stage. 

SET ONE : In Time, Dictaphones Lament, (Tycho) > Vapor City, Now Now, (Beg) > Chaw the Creator (Ending), Space time*, Playball*, In your mind*
Notes : 
*- W/ Phil from Cornmeal
Gonzo on percussion

As the lights went down again, the Mung Force was ecstatic, better know as the fans of Mungion. The boys were all smiles, as they usually are, their cheeks beat-red, stained by the laughs a moment before. They took a few moments to strap-in, and began us with a warming tune. A smooth groove jam, that lasted a few minutes, winding up the muscles for an opening ’Nuthead’. A gallivanting tale, as are many of their songs we are known to love. Whimsically detailing the composed with lines of improvisation, as no emerging band does quite like Mungion.
The band has everyone in the crowd on its toes, I have yet to see them without the crowd's undivided attention. For many friends, and fans alike, the show is worth every note. Much like a comparable energy to Phish in the early days, Mungion has a keen ability to create an elliptical flow between the crowd, and the stage. ‘Makanda’, running into ‘Sloob Syndrome’, and out into ‘Myrtle’ showcases the variety and depth the band can reach. Changing styles, tempos, and keys into magnificently orchestrated songs, the band displays organic talent like no other. As the first set neared the close, the band welcomed their friend out Chum, to handle the mic for a couple songs. Which included a crowd pleasing cover of the classic ‘Ride wit Me’ by Nelly. 
For bassist Sean Carolan, and guitarist Justin Reckamp, chemistry has no bounds, and they show friendship through sound. Feeding easily off one another to carry the band in whichever direction is thought best. This proves to be true on and off the stage as well. Opening the second set we flew right into a heavy set rendition of ‘Hung Daddy’ linked right into a favorite ‘Schvingo’. One of the many songs that shows the quirkiness of the band. As it wrapped up, the Justin slingshotted us into a great version of ‘One Night Stan’.
The ball was rolling, and full throttle had been reached as ‘My Darling Troll’ erupted, and drummer Matt Kellen could show us the beat. Before heading back into the jam of ‘Troll’, the band broke out into a Vox jam, allowing for some space, and Joe Re magic on the keys. After a long beginning to the set, ending ‘My Darling Troll’ for a breather. The breaks were put down, but only momentarily, while Phillip Roach joined for a Michael Jackson cover of ‘Smooth Criminal’. That sandwiched a drum segment, that set the crowd loose for a get down. The second set was a whirlwind of effectively using time and space to roll through a set with little to no drag. 

The night had to be capped off somehow, and what else but the well placed farewell of ‘Quemaste Tu Cabella’. The room stayed full after the lights had came up for many minutes. Friends were once again meeting up, or setting up plans for the rest of the night. Both bands will be in full effect coming up in the next few months, including festival season. Make sure to check your calendars, and make room for both of these phenomenal bands. Much thanks to them, and to Aaron Bradley for the photography, without you, this wouldn’t be possible. Till the next show!

SET ONE : Jam, Nuthead > Herbert > Makanda > Sloob Syndrome > Myrtle, Country Grammer * > Ride Wit Me **
SET TWO : Hung Daddy > Schvingo > One Night Stan *** > My Darling Troll > Vox Jam ^ > MY Darling Troll, Smooth Criminal ^^ > Drums > Smooth Criminal
Encore: Quemaste Tu Cabella
Notes:  * - W/ Chum sit in - Spitting mad fire ** - Contained Lion King tease *** - On stage art display of "Joe Junior" ^^ - MJ cover w/ Phil Roach on fiddle from Cornmeal and Gonzo on percussion.

Written by: Michael Wallentin
Photos by: Aaron Bradley
Edited by: Greg Heffelfinger

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