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Friday, March 17

A Musical Ride with Holly Bowling Words & Photos by N. Peek

A Musical Ride with Holly Bowling Words & Photos by N. Peek


San Franciscan Holly Bowling visited the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh on March 12, 2017 to take us on a ride with her piano renditions and reimagination of Grateful Dead and Phish sounds. 

The music of Holly Bowling is clearly that, her music, based on the notes, harmonies, sounds, runs, and rides curated by the greats; Jerry Garcia, Bob, Weir, Phil Lesh Trey Anastasio, Mike Gordon, Page McConnell, Jon Fishman, as well as the many Grateful Dead keyboardist.  

This music is not cover music, it is a music of it's own, it is music; a sound created by Holly Bowling in the spirit of the classics Phish and The Grateful Dead. It is Holly's interpretations of the flow and the deep spirit of the music we all know so well. 


The evening was a very relaxed almost sermon like environment; quiet with anticipation of what we are about to experience and what will be next. The was never a doubt of the song she was performing but the crowd also held an excitement of what Holly would bring from her vision to her version. 



Questions that were brought to mind was, "Who influences her? Is there a particular keyboard style of influence that is greater that others?" 


"It's about the sum of the notes and melodies rather than a particular influence. When I work on a song I break it into parts, take it apart, and play certain instrument parts on the piano" said Bowling. There were clear hints that she was playing Bobby parts of the songs, other times it was Jerry parts of the song and so on.... The music is influenced by the notes and instrument parts rather than the musicians. 


This was an amazing set of sounds and songs to experience, like nothing experienced before. It was calm, heartfelt, refreshing and real....very real music and the spirit of the music. 


Something not to be missed and something to wait anxiously to experience again. Thank you Holly Bowling


Holly's new album is "Better left Unsung", featuring Grateful Dead songs like “Bird Song,” “Row Jimmy” and the “Terrapin Station” suite.

For more amazing photos from Neil Peek go to Left of Center


Unbroken Chain
The Horse >
Silent in the Morning
Bird Song >
7 Below >
Eyes of the World (6/18/74) >
China Doll


Set 2
A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing 
Althea > *
Theme from the Bottom > **
Cassidy > ***
If I Could ****

E: Row Jimmy

* w/ Bird Song tease
** w/ ASIHTOS & Dick's DWD tease
*** w/ ASIHTOS tease
**** w/ Cassidy tease


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