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Tuesday, February 21

Zoso-A Led Zeppelin Experience was just So, So(Led Zeppelin minus the Cocaine) A review by: Jam Band Puriest

Zoso-A Led Zeppelin Experience was just  So, So(Led Zeppelin minus the Cocaine) A review by: Jam Band Puriest 
I have been hearing about Zoso-a Tribute to Led Zeppelin, for almost a decade now. I have always loved Led Zeppelin from the first time I heard "Rock 'n' Roll." I have had the chance to see Robert Plant at Lockn' festival and although interesting, it wasn't the same for me. Zoso, much like any cover band, will never come close to comparing with the real thing. All we can do is dream and ponder, or hope that the "cover band" is more like DSO or Russo- Bustle in your Hedgerow and they take it upon themselves to make the music more than it already is.
My first thoughts on Zoso were with the crowd; this eclectic group seemed more heavy metal than flower child and many seemed like they had never been to any live shows at all. They seemed the types to really love listening to classic rock on FM radio and sing along with every popular song, no deep cuts. Their concert etiquette was lacking to non-existent. The crowd was a show all itself. All of middle earth was represented here: giants, dwarfish creatures and even orcs. I guess I was really hoping they played songs relating to Lord of the Rings. I have also never seen so many doo-rags on older white men then at this show; I thought I was in the hood or something. One couple proved conclusively that no one should ever try to dance to "Immigrant Song" with a partner.
The singer or foe Robert Plant, came out wearing an opened, half-kimono, stomach jiggling like a belly dancer, freshly shaven... all the way down. I couldn't look at him without laughing hysterically but by the time they got to "Houses of the Holy" and "No Quarter," I was getting into the music; closing my eyes and drifting away but I could do that at home with headphones.
To be honest, the lead singer sounded better then Robert Plant in most of the live shows from the late-70s but Jimmy Fage had nowhere near the chops that were needed. Who screws up the solo in "Stairway to Heaven?" The terrible wig didn't help either but boy, do I wish I had a pair of those wizard pants!
All in all, it was great to hear Led Zeppelin's music played live and minus the cocaine. Musically, Zoso is so-so but on point and they do a fairly good job of imitating and only imitating, Led Zeppelin. But some bands are better left on record.
Respectfully and Honestly,