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Friday, February 10

The X-FILES.... I want to Believe Phish is playing more than 13 dates. They Live & Give Unconfirmed Dates

The X-FILES.... I want to Believe Phish is playing more than 13 dates. They Live & Give Dates
            I expected a visit after the Phish announced 13 shows in one venue. In my personal opinion, I can't think of a more shitty venue for a summer tour than Madison Square Garden. I smoked all my deemsters expecting the aliens to show up and they still did not visit! More importantly, I know now I need to re-up on my time-traveling smoke. Maybe, I have been getting year's worth of dates by a human source? I started to think that Phish fans from outer space may not be real. I have been on the bus for 30 years. Maybe they have not visited me in the past, but who gives me Tour dates early. It could be that hairy dude that carries the amps for the band?  Wait???? .... Tweezer Reprise is playing before the super bowl. That's when I was thinking,  this is out of this world! 
   Boom! Before the game even started, I was at Game/Hoist dancing next to my younger self. 
I tried to give myself a $20 and a high five and that's when I realized that I was in Spacehenge again. I turned away from my memory and yelled at the funky space Phan who understands all things Phine. "A whole phucking tour in one venue?". The next memory I had was me holding my Colorado venue and subconsciously being made to yell  "Phish loves Dicks" over & over. Then they said, bring these few dates to the fans. I yelled"why me"! "I will be called stupid!" They laughed and laughed. "You can't even spell stupid",  claimed the meanest voice I have ever heard.
That was followed by my D.M.T dealer taking money out of my wallet. I go to grab a Code Red Dew and dates were on my fridge.  Believe it if you need it or check my past if you dare.*  
Phish unconfirmed Summer Dates

7/14 Northerly Island, Chicago
7/15 Northerly Island, Chicago
7/16 Northerly Island, Chicago

Baker’s Dozen MSG

8/21 Bill Graham Civic, SF
8/22 Bill Graham Civic, SF
8/23 Bill Graham Civic, SF

8/25 Bill Graham Civic, SF
8/26 Bill Graham Civic, SF
8/27 Bill Graham Civic, SF


*Without doing a thumb print,this is completely my fevered imagination, except the dates. Sorry about the grammar the secret is to surrender to the flow.