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Thursday, February 23

Kickstarter Campaigns, Are some bands getting greedy? Damn Right! An editorial by Kevin Long

Kickstarter Campaigns, Are some bands getting greedy? Damn Right! An editorial by Kevin Long


   I would like to begin that this piece is not aimed at any particular band or project. When is a band to popular to hit up their fans for money to create new music? I am not 100% sure, but it's similar to pornography because I know it when I see it. Did you know you can pledge your cash to help Zappa sue his mom. I got enough drama in my family with me in it. My pledged money is all about helping a young band afford a new release by investing in their art. I thought the idea of Kickstarter was to help musicians that need it. For instance, help young bands raise funds to aid them in their endeavor of being musicians. Another lofty endeavor is helping musicians like Steve Kimock or Alvin Youngblood Hart make an album that will last a lifetime. It's different when you see a virtuoso like Kimock in the South several times for 15 dollars and there is literally 25 people and he still plays for three hours and comes back. I understand the industry is tough mainly because times are fucking tough. So when a band charges 80-100 dollars for a show and then wants lifelong fans who have already supported them for years give them more money to minimize their risk to make another album, I want to Kickstart some common sense or dignity. I know we could get a numbered tie dyed vinyl version of said album or for a huge donation your favorite band will make you buy them lunch. I think some in the younger generation are so eager to prove their fandom they don't think twice as long as you number something and they can put it on Facebook. What if Star Wars wanted your money to make the beloved movies? Just because you love the saga and would pledge the money, does not make it right or moral. I will leave on an exciting development here at Grateful Music. March Madness returns and you get to give us money as well. Excuse me, I meant pledge! If you pledge 25$ you get to count my misspelled words in next week's review. 

Kevin Long