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Wednesday, February 1

EGi Answers some Questions about the future with staff writer Michael Wallentin

 An interview with EGi, along with upcoming tour dates, give us a look into this talented band.
Video by Emily Heffelfinger and Zach Stone

photo by: Zach Stone
A quick conversation between Grateful Music and EGi:

1. What's new for EGi, new projects, news for the Summer?   

The Band: We're gonna be hitting the road really hard, teaming up with some great national acts and focusing on writing new material for a new full length album.

2. What keeps bringing you back to the Midwest music scene, especially Chicago? What sets it apart from other places?   

The Band: Its our home and where we all grew up. We've grown some very deep roots in here that just makes it feel like we're at home all over the Midwest.

3. When not on the stage what are you all doing in the meantime?   

The Band: When we're not touring and playing shows aside from practicing about twice a week James is a avid vintage video game collector, Allan reads and writes and his best friend is his boxer, Noe is an uncle and spends time with his family and Dana plays drums in his local Church as well as other projects. We're all pretty different guys but it's brings allot to the table. 

4. Where do you all draw the biggest influences from when writing new material?   

The Band: Our personal musical interest is very diverse but our writing is usually based around trying to capture a certain feeling through the music. Painting a picture is more of what we have in mind, not really any artists in particular though.

5. What's your favorite traveling memory of being on tour?   

The Band: Well through touring in Colorado we've been hitting this spot in beautiful Crested Butte Co. every year and this past year after a gig in the Eldo we got to stay with our friend Lexie and family in their amazing log cabin house in out in the country! The house was next to the most scenic view with a pond and mountains surrounding and it was great to spend a day of soaking in everything Colorado has to offer!

6. As an emerging band in the scene, what are some things you are trying to bring to the table in hopes for change?   

The Band: We want our music to feel new, which kinda sets us in our own genre sometimes because our styles change so much from song to song. Music holds no boundaries and we love the freedom of incorporating many different genre's, grooves and colors. 

7. How do you describe an EGI performance?   

The Band: We love playing live and it definitely shows on stage, it makes for a energetic show that captivates people and can get across our feelings that we put into the music. We're a touring band too so every night we put on our best even on four night runs. What helps us be consistent is always changing up the setlists and some songs will breathe a little more from show to show.

8. Who would you all love to have on a bill next to you. And why?   

The Band: We've linked up with plenty of national acts in the Jam Scene like Turkuaz and  before but one we've been wanting to cross off our list is Umphrey's McGee, obviously opening up for them would be the realistic possibility but I can speak for me (Noe Perez) and James Hernandez we've both have been fans for years now and absolutely love the band. We look up to their live performance and the consistency of their performance.  

9. Where would you all like to be  five years down the road, music or not?  

The Band: I think just being able to live a comfortable life off of playing music is every touring musicians dream, but also we want to keep growing our fanbase and have a few more albums recorded under our belt. We love writing music and I don't think any of us could every give up writing, it's what keeps us sane. 

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Feb 03 Columbus, OH (Winter Werk Out)*
Feb 04 Paducah, KY (Paducah Beer Works) 
Feb 09 Menasha, WI (Source Public House) 
Feb 10 Marquette, MI (Ore Dock Brewing Company)
Feb 11 Marquette, MI (Ore Dock Brewing Company) 
Feb 14 Boulder, CO (The Lazy Dog - Open Jam!)
Feb 16 Colorado Springs, CO (Black Sheep) 
Feb 17 Boulder, CO (The Lazy Dog)
Feb 18 Denver, CO (BeOnKey Psychedelic Ripple)
Feb 19 Crested Butte, CO (The Eldo Brewery)
Feb 22 Cleveland, OH (Wilbert's)
Feb 23 Wilkes-Barre, PA (River Jazz Club)
Feb 24 Philadelphia, PA (The Barbary)
Feb 25 Frostburg, MD (Dante's)
Mar 02 Duluth, MN (The Blind Pig)
Mar 03 Minneapolis, MN (The Cabooze) #
Mar 04 Fargo, ND (The Aquarium) #
Mar 08 St. Louis, MO (Old Rock House) ^
Mar 10 Palatine, IL (Durty Nellie's) #
Mar 11 Iowa City, IA (Gabe's) #
Mar 17 Cincinnati, OH (Stanley's Pub)
Mar 18 Dayton, OH (Jimmie's Ladder 11)
Mar 31 Davenport, IA (Redstone Room)
April 1 Bloomington, IL (The Castle Theatre) !
April 7 Des Moines, IA (Vaudeville Mews) !
April 8 Rochester, MN (Kathy's Pub)  
April 14 Peoria, IL (Kenny's Westside Pub) 
playing with
* The Werks # Soap ^ Tauk ! Family Groove Company 

Writer: Michael Wallentin
Video and Photo: Emily Heffelfinger and Zach Stone
Edited by: Greg Heffelfinger

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