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Friday, January 27

Umphrey's McGee play the first show without Jake Cinninger. Get the 411, Setlist and watch Videos

Umphrey's McGee play the first show without Jake Cinninger. Get the 411, Setlist and watch Videos 

  Jake Cinninger must have dined with Bob Weir because he has a "wicked flu" and U.M. reported yesterday he would be out indefinitely. His absence unfortunately will include the impending improvisation set with Jason Redman. Unlike fans stuck in Mexico, where it was a no brainier to continue the Dead scheduled show with Jackie Greene filling in. This however is a different situation entirely with some fans expressing negative  feelings on how Umphrey's McGee handled Jake's illness. They would have preferred to postpone a few shows, especially the highly anticipated improve show until Jake was feeling better. Well thanks to Jambase you can watch a few songs from last night's show and make up your own mind. Joshua Redman sat in last night and will again be with the band tonight for the all improvisation set. How did Brandan Bayliss sound as the only guitarist? I personally find it interesting but I was not planning on attending any of the effected shows. Personally, I can sympathize with all parties involved but at the end of the day...... The show must go on! Umphrey's McGee honored Butch Trucks by performing"Jessica" and also mixed up the setlist to keep things interesting. I know those in attendance had no arguments during the dub version of "Breathe". Tonight will be some shit!
Kevin Long 

[Jessica | Captured by mk devo]

[Breathe | Captured by Kelly D]

[Der Bluten Kat | Captured by Kyle Miller]

Setlist (via All Things Umphrey’s)

Set One: Nipple Trix > Slacker, Wellwishers > Sociable Jimmy > Sweetness > Mad Love, Speak Up[1] > Booth Love[1]

Set Two: Der Bluten Kat[1] > Final Word[1] > Der Bluten Kat[1], Day Nurse[2] > Wife Soup[1], Dear Lord[1], Breathe[3]

Encore: Jessica[4], Uncommon > Down Under


  • [1] with Joshua Redman on saxophone
  • [2] with Joshua Redman on saxophone; with Working Day and Night (Michael Jackson) teases
  • [3] “dub” version
  • [4] instrumental; just Joel on piano
  • entire show without Jake
  • Jessica played in remembrance of Butch Trucks
  • last Down Under 04.08.2014 (270 shows)