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Tuesday, January 24

Trey Anastasio will Perform a Solo Concert Series and what It means for Phish Tour.

Trey Anastasio will Perform a Solo Concert Series and what It means for Phish Tour. 
     We will get our Phish this summer, it will just be a smaller helping than we are accustomed to having and it the number won't satisfy many fan's appetite. But, after the New Year Run and Mexico how can we argue with the formula. We were warned by the band that this year would be a light touring year. In addition we see the Gordon and T.A.B shows appearing on many festival's marquees. While Trey Anastasio Band has many dates, he is hitting the road solo for a string of intimate acoustic shows that are bound to be special. You can find all the ticket information and pre-sale opportunities on Trey’s website. Here are the three confirmed dates as of now. 

Trey Anastasio Solo Acoustic Tour Dates

March 8th: Academy of Music Theatre, Northampton, MA
March 10th: Troy Savings Bank Hall, Troy, NY
March 11th: The Music Hall, Portsmouth, NH

      What does this mean for Phish tour? Well, as I grow older I have become much more a cup is half full guy. One could argue that if the members of Phish did not get these other musical outlets to scratch, it would negatively effect Phish's music and their heathy relationships. I am one of those people. But, I do know Dick's is a go and we all heard the 13 night residence at M.S.G. (please no!). So, atleast there will be Phishing Season! In the meantime enjoy their side projects and the massive amount of quality music in our scene today. 

Here is a taste of of Trey playing acoustically in 2017 when Anastasio played a  mini-set for the acclaimed NPR Music show“Tiny Desk”. Watch below!