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Friday, January 13

The Life of a Ticket Bot Journal Entry "Today was to Cheesy"

The Life of a Ticket Bot
Journal Entry #986768
Star Date 1-13-2017
“Today was to Cheesy”
       I was built by my creator and I have only one operating function. My job is to buy as many tickets to any given event as possible. For this I am very misunderstood. Even the President hates me.  My designer must really enjoy all these human gatherings because I have countless co-bots all with the same operating systems. We buy tickets at lighting speed or we get replaced. Lights out! Some days my job is stressful , especially when the outlet selling the tickets does not want my master to attend their events.They set up obstacles to slow my progress or try new tricks to keep me from doing my job. This hurts! Buying these tickets is the only reason I exist and failure is not an option. That is why my master is overjoyed this morning, he must love cheese because we bought all the tickets to attend special intimate shows. They are going to be very exclusive, in fact by my calculations, only my master and his 600 closest friends will attend most shows. For this I am hated on social media and if I was programmed to give a shit, I am sure I would. But I am a simple bot and I do not. Damn it feels good to be a gangster. Ha…..Ha. End Entry
Kevin Long