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Monday, January 30

Nahko & Medicine For the People: A review of Jan, 27 2017 at Concord Music Hall words: Alex Diciaula Photos: Aaron Bradley

Nahko & Medicine For the People: A review of  Jan, 26 2017 at Concord Music Hall words: Alex Diciaula Photos: Aaron Bradley 
                         "A Night of Healing" 

Hoka hey!” is a native battle cry, that literally translates as “Today is a good day to die.” But the true intentions of the phrase are to inspire that Today is a good day to live. Nahko & Medicine for the People’s latest album, “HOKA”empowers that exact feeling. On Thursday night the 26thNahko & MFTP rolled through The Concord on their Hoka: A Call to ActionTour. 


The band took the stage to a sold out, roaring and hyped crowd with A Tribe Called Red’s Electric Pow Wow. This set the tone for the night, that this wasn’t just a concert, but a gathering. This gathering was ready to dance and kept the motion flowing through the entire set, matching Nahko nearly word for word on every track of the night, which were mostly tunes representingthe “HOKA” album. 


The band displayed powerful synergy throughout the show, rotating both impressive solos and cohesive climaxes that only seemed to peak higher and higher with the frenzied enjoyment from the crowd. Like the message behind “Hoka,” and the theme to the tour, Nahko encouraged his fans to “Kick ass in 2017” before an inspiring encore of Are You Ready and beautifully done sing-along rendition of Tus Pies. 



Electric Pow Wow (intro only) 
All Can Be Done >
It Is Written > 
San Quentin >
4 Directions (last verse only)
Make a Change 
Nahko solo medly 
Tim Snider violin solo 
Dear Brother (back to full band) >
Peace in America jam
Social injustice rap (Nahko only) 
Love Letters to God
We Are on Time

Are You Ready?
Tus Pias