Jimmy Herring announces his new Band and it's members'

Jimmy Herring announces his new Band and it's members'. 
Photo: Ian Rawn 
     I have to be completely honest, I actually got a little excited when I heard that W.S.P were going to start light duty in 2017. It's not that I wish evil on W.S.P 's fans, it's just I love Herring and think of him more than a hired gun. His announcement today is exactly the reason, celerbrated guitarist Jimmy Herring announced that he has formed a new band. Jimmy Herring & The Invisible Whip. It's not clear if its a separate project than his duel tour with John McLaughlin. However this could be the band he will use. The members include longtime A.R.U. and Jazz is Dead bandmate Jeff Sipe on drums, Kevin Scott on bass, familiar keyboardist Matt Slocum and Jason Crosby rounds out this talented band. Stay tuned for some Grateful Music. 

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