Full Show Saturday: Umphrey's McGee show from last night, including the all improvisation set w/Joshua Redman

Full Show Saturday: Umphrey's McGee show from last night, including the all improvisation set w/Joshua Redman 
Umphrey's McGee rolled into the State Theatre in Portland for a much anticipated show still a man down. Jake Cinninger is still in unable to perform while he suffers from a "Wicked Flue". The band was joined by saxophone prodigy Joshua Redman once again. The second set was scheduled for the improvisation set. 
Spafford continue on its mission of taking over the world one show at a time with an impressive opening set. Catch this band immediately! 

  Umphrey's first half was intense considering everyone was anticipating the second set. Joshua Redman sat in on practically the entire first set as well. They opened the eventful show with "2^2" and played an interesting first set. They are a very different band without Jake (obviously), but I enjoy it on many levels. U.M.'s stunning second stanza was a little over an hour of complete improvisation. I just listened to the complete second set and enjoyed it immensely. They would sound like Pink Floyd only for the groove to dissolve before reinventing itself Zappa-esque. The vocal portions of " Jimmy Stewarts" are epic. The show ended with an encore of "Much Obliged" into "Ophelia" by the band. Listen to the show yourself thanks to Jambase and Taper opsopcopolis. 

Full Show Audio (Taped by opsopcopolis)

Setlist (via All Things Umphrey’s)

Set One: 2×2[1], Bad Friday[2], Anchor Drops[2], When the World Is Running Down You Make the Best of What’s Still Around[2] > Professor Wormbog[2], Hajimemashite[2], Mail Package[3]

Set Two: Improvisation[4]

Encore: Much Obliged > Ophelia

  • [1] with Feels So Good (Chuck Mangione) teases
  • [2] with Joshua Redman on saxophone
  • [3] with Joshua Redman on saxophone and Joel on vocals
  • [4] including “Jimmy Stewart” with lyrics
  • Notes:
  • entire show without Jake
  • the second set was completely improvised
  • Support: Spafford

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