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Thursday, January 26

D.S.O. is primed to celebrate their 20 year anniversary in 2017.

D.S.O. is primed to celebrate their 20 year anniversary in 2017.
One day in 1997, two Dead Head musicians were ruminating about life without
Jerry Garcia and simultaneously came up with the same idea: "Let's recreate
Grateful Dead show."  Around forty people came down to Martyrs' in Chicago
on November 11, 1997, to hear the brand-new Dark Star Orchestra's rendition
of the Dead's show of 10/8/81. They'd planned it as a four-week experiment;
ninety folks showed up the second week, then two hundred, then a 400-person it seemed like a good idea to keep going.

Since the idea behind the "Orchestra" part of Dark Star Orchestra is that
this is a tribute to a body of music, lots of people have come and gone over
the years-one co-founder, Scott Larned, passed on in 2005, the other, John
Kadlecik, went off to play with the Dead's Phil Lesh & Bob Weir in Furthur.
But DSO keeps rolling, to the point that they've played well over 2,600
shows - 120,000 people in just the past year -- and incredibly enough, are
looking at an approaching 20th anniversary. This calls for celebration.

Like the Dead, DSO has developed an extraordinary relationship with its
audience, and to honor the long strange trip they've shared, DSO will offer,
for the first time at regular shows, beginning with their spring tour, a VIP
Soundcheck and Poster Signing package.  Participants will get exclusive
pre-show access to the venue, a chance to hear the soundcheck, meet the band
and get their 20th anniversary posters signed, a souvenir laminate and
sticker.and more.  Only 25 such tickets will be offered to each show. 

Anyone who has seen - and heard - DSO will tell you this is not a "cover"
band.  It's on a higher level, and you just have to be there to get it.kinda
like the band whose music they play.

Dave Weismann