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Saturday, December 10

Warren Haynes pre Jam caught lighting in a bottle thanks to Bob Weir and Friends

  Warren Haynes pre Jam caught lighting in a bottle thanks to Bob Weir and Friends 

    Tonight Warren Haynes will host the 28th annual Christmas Jam at the Cellular Center. His 18th edition of the intimate pre-jam at The Orange Peel once again instantly became a classic last night. The line up is always kept secret till showtime. Asshole like myself usual report the acts and always miss the magic. Warren played acoustic and turned in a stellar set with Mule and acts such as Tom Hamilton's American Babies stunned the audience. But Bob Weir and Friends provided the WTF of the night. He was joined on stage with Holly Bowling, Tom(The Future) Hamilton, Duane Trucks and Don Was on the Bass. What took place is better watched because I was not there. I know Warren joined the band as the house sang "We Will Survive" and thanks to evenings like this we will get by. Enjoy the video 
Grateful Music as Neil Peek covering the sold out 28th annual Christmas Jam tonight and a stream is available though for the price of a taxi ride. Enjoy the video footage thanks to Jambase and Holly Bowling. 
Stay tuned. For more coverage 

[Part One]

[Part Two]

Here’s footage of Weir performing solo captured by joshmiami_:

[When I Paint My Masterpiece]

[Loose Lucy]


Set: When I Paint My Masterpiece*, Only A River*, Loose Lucy*, A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall, Ghost Towns, Friend Of The Devil, Tennessee Jed, Touch Of Grey**

* Weir solo

** With Warren Haynes