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Thursday, December 1

The X Files! Dead and Company proof left by those damn things

The X Files! Dead and Company's proof left by those damn  people....

I said I would need proof first before I could tell humankind...... I meant us hippies dudes. Then I put on my foil hat like I do every 4:20 and selected my concentrate and flower for the day. Perhaps, it was then the shadow people who gained shape in my smoke signal.  Days, minutes but not a month later I was still wearing my foil hat and I randomly saw in a vision that we dudes love to call smartphones. "They are not at all smart" says nobody and everybody. Who? I yell and I was back to being Kevin and this was on the computer. I will share how the universe destroyer and maker "The Donald" won the fair democratic process. He ran against his alien bride. Oh Damn!

There proof! 
#Shadow Person played by Jesse Trammel bringer of light,love and the proof I needed. I will smoke all day in hopes I can make sense off all the visions. Like,  if you lived by Mountains last year you get the gift of our language again June 3,4 same bowl. But Waters plays the 4th as well. The Donald is so cruel. .................................One more hint! You will get a double header at the park that waited 100 years to win bat hit. I believe those jocks call it Baseball here. 
The Donald gave us a fall tour date! Fall to your feet for The Donald! -Where is my tin foil and waX?? We have no interns and our just old heads who love people. But not Grammer. The Donald use his mind.