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Thursday, December 1

Pink Talking Fish is about to owe BMI A Big Phucking Check. An editorial piece. by: Kevin Long

Pink Talking Phish owes BMI A Big Phucking Check. An editorial article while you think piece by Kevin Long

      On our Grateful Music Production's YouTube channel we have over seven hundred videos of live performances only one of Pink Talking Fish.  Well, I know it's ok to profit off the ads on most jamband videos. But my only “Pink Talking Fish” clip I had ads on because I considered it under the third-party karaoke rule. I did not think much of the band but you know who are big fans? BMI, the owners of the largest catalog of music in the world. When the internet killed the radio star, BMI couldn't sit around and collect royalties off of other people's' art. BMI needed a plan to find new revenue. It was desperate,ignorant and was doomed to fail. They decided to come after music clubs that charged an admission for live music in the past. Invented some formula to put a price tag on 20 years of unpaid royalties and literally sued clubs for millions.The kicker is those clubs had young bands or weekend rock stars who besides providing entertainment they inadvertently gave free advertising due to they mainly played hit songs and were paid in for free beer and peanuts. Any head knows you can't bleed blood from a turnip and most clubs closed. The High Tone and Newbies come to mine in Memphis. You ever wonder why a twenty minute "Rock n Roll" used to be labeled on as being less than 10 minutes and it became the Greek Theater Jam or whatever the venue was during the 14 minutes of bliss? BMI charges by the minute. So get ready Pink Talking Fish, because it's about time to lawyer up. 

They have no shame or understanding of anything but money. They actually came after Beale Street where Rock and Roll was invented because a white man sang the blues. The irony being Elvis did not write one song but atleast he credited the artist. The home of rock n roll was about to be in financial ruin by the same tradition that gave birth to the music itself. It was insanity and scared a city that relies on the "Smokestack Lightning's" and "The Thrill is Gone" that bring in big overseas tourist dollars. The W.C. Handy Blues Foundation made a political deal (code for bribe, down south) to save all the historic clubs. They volunteered to pay money only on "Mustang Sally" and thanks to their political connections it's only played every 10 feet now(JOKE). But those damned music fans in Europe pledged to stop coming unless they could hear songs they love and know. "Ride, Sally, Ride" still makes bartenders drink, musicians cry and drunk tourists dry hump.

One year ago at "Fare Thee Phil" it cost more to see Pink Talking Fish on StubHub than Kimock, Greene, and Vega's historic afterparty . I don’t feel for a band whose name grew with every possible dollar. I swear one night they were Pink Talking Phish and Bowie is Dead at the same time. Well,like John "CampCougarMelon" or whatever he is calling himself, used to sing "Ain't that America, for you and me..".Now it looks like Little Pink Talking lawsuits for you and me. This is not fact but far from fiction. In the spirit of Pink Talking Fish let's call it an editorial thinkpiece breaking news article. In related funny stuff, I know not everyone are musical nerds like we are but if you're still confused, try to remember Vanilla Ice trying to defend the hook on"Ice,Ice Baby" as original art. He later lost the suit and paid Queen millions. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is I support BMI in every way, when it comes to Pink Talking Fish whose name grows by the dollar. That is theft and borderline creepy. After bankruptcy, I suggest they write original material or go back to being The Phix. 

We understand this is a hot topic, hopefully you're reading this because our servers can't keep up with the curiosity.

Written by:Kevin Long
Edited by: Greg Heffelfinger and Kevin