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Sunday, December 4

Our Sunday historical sit ins is the famous 45 minute Keyboard Jam when Medeski Martin and Wood joined Phish in 1995

Our Sunday Sit in this Week Is Medeski, Martin and Wood Sitting in with Phish for a 45 minute Keyboard Jam. 

This show from the tiny State Palace in New Orleans is arguably the best Phish show and the best Medeski, Martin and Wood show rolled up in one. I had to ask my one remaining unconverted Phish Phreak to go and he was not the mold of a Phish fan. Hell, until that night I am not sure if I ever saw Jason Kinslow with a hair out of place. But I needed a ride so I begged and he throws me a sold.( Jason translation =that meant favor). We walk into the plush venue greeted by the sound of 1950's Jazz pulsating through the intimate Theatre. He said "this is amazing" and all I could muster was a small grin. I was not prepared to discover a band with a sound I thought went extinct with the underground jazz clubs during prohibition. To make a long story short, that night in 1995 was destiny. My brother discovered and got Phish. But I discovered one of my favorite bands as well that night, M.M.W. They came out and joined Phish for a 45 minute improvisational jam to close the epic night. Those were the best days of my life. Enjoy this week's Sunday sit in that doubles as one of my favorite shows and jams.