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Thursday, December 15

Martin Scorsese long awaited produced Grateful Dead Documentary willfinally Premiere at Sundance.

Martin Scorsese's long-awaited Grateful Dead Documentary will finally Premiere at Sundance. 
Just one year late! The GD's legion of fans are patient and will forgive a delay,  even one as long and poorly handled as this cluster fuck. But it is "the" Martin Scorsese,  he is a perfectionist or so they tell us. If the visionary thought the movie needed more time he made the only decision that could have helped by giving it more time. Hell, get out the way of the story and it will tell the story while selling itself. No Pressure! Real love does not fade away but distance our long strange trip and we never forgive or forget. The premiere of a "Long Strange Trip" will be shown at the celebrated film festival between January 19-29th. The eyes of the world await....... 
Kevin Long
Edited by:Greg Heffelfinger

The delayed project is set to cover life after Jerry The The movie covers the extended trip as well #GD50.