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Wednesday, December 21

Grateful Music's Facebook Page has hit a milestone of a 100K fans. To celebrate we are giving away Prizes.

  Our Facebook page just surpassed 100,000 music lovers. 
 More importantly out of that number 98.622% of our family are actually empathetic caring people. I have met some of my best friends while discussing music on the site. Hell, I met my roommate through the magic of our community. If I would have planned this company, it would have failed years ago. The magic that The Phish and the Dead create found it's way into our sandbox.  Since 100,000 is a big even number and it's the season of What Now? We are going to show how Grateful we are for our fans. Until next year we will be giving away authentic Phish and the Dead memorabilia out of my own personal collection. You could win a pair of tickets to see The Grateful Dead or David Bowie. (Time machine not included) 

 Or the Deer Creek show that Keller Williams and myself missed. 
Or it my be a ticket for a Grateful Dead concert for Fall tour in 1995. 
Basically the gifts will be like our website; you never know what you will find. 
 Over the last three years our sandbox has became Grateful Music Productions. This is all because you love music as much as we do. Our clubhouse is now a business and it's just keeps getting better. Sammy and I started this with one fundamental rule. Everything is not fucking epic. We wanted a forum where we could talk about our musical community honestly as we see it. We are not for everyone and that is fine. But since we stopped writing for the big boys and concentrated on what matters music and the love we bring. We have grown without being  own by the publicists. They are some of our biggest supporters. Five your ago we had almost 6,000 fans.  
       What makes us so proud is that you that us be a part of your lives and yet you still recommend us to your family. We are an organically grown company because we have never spent one dollar to promote ourselves. Subscribe to our YouTube page, Grateful Music Productions we have great content and we are just getting started. Some contests the next few weeks will be given away on that platform only. The best is yet to come and good luck this week. Each prize will have a different contest. The only rule is if you get confused listen to the music play. Thank you for giving us something to do in between shows. We love you Kevin & Greg. P.S that ain't no monkey in the middle!