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Thursday, November 17

Tonight's 30 Days of Dead Shows is the Hurricane that Descended on the Fillmore East on 2-11-70 NY,NY

  There's a reason I waited until later to post this show. This is one of the most famous multi-player jams in Dead history. If you've read "Searching for the Sound" by Phil, he spent about three pages talking about this show. Epic doesn't begin to describe it.
After Jerry mentions to Phil that he needs to check out the ABB, they start the show like any other show. First off, there was an early show and a late show. All that exists is "The Other One" and the back half of the "Cryptical Envelopment"  and a couple of warm up tracks. Then the late show begins and the roof of the Fillmore East could barely contain what was about to happen.
The opening "Not Fade Away" is a smoking version that shows the band flexing their muscles. After a quick run through a couple of the new songs off Workingman's Dead, the magic would begin to take hold. Or maybe it was the acid...
 Despite some cuts and drop outs, this show is so good I just had to post it. First off, the fireworks start at "Dark Star" when Peter Green from Fleetwood Mac starts the all-star sit-in. Duane Allman joins in on slide during the jam and Arthur Lee from Love jumps up and helps with percussion and Gregg sidles up and sits down at the organ bench. Try to keep count of the players. We are at eleven so far. Just like Arthur Lee, Butch Trucks joins in on the drums. While Mickey is terrorizing his gong, Mick Fleetwood and Danny Kirwan jump on the stage. So at this point coming to the end of "Spanish Jam" going into "Lovelight" there are five guitarists, four drummers, and an organ while Pigpen and Gregg Allman trade vocals on "Lovelight". As a measure of how much musical chaos into coherence is happening, Phil hands his bass over to Berry Oakley just so he can listen. This show, despite all the cuts and splices, is a piece of history. The show isn't even done until daylight and the crowd and the bands stumble out and it's 7:30 in the morning!

Greg Heffelfinger

“I walk outside – it’s daylight, and snow is falling gently on the streets of New York… I grab Bob and Jerry in a group embrace: This is what it’s all about.”-Phil Lesh

--Early Show--
1 //The Other One  > 
2 Cryptical Envelopment  >
3 Dire Wolf 
4 Casey Jones 

--Late Show, begin--
5 Intro and tuning 
6 Not Fade Away 
7 Cumberland Blues  
8 Cold Rain And Snow 
9 High Time 
10 Me And My Uncle 

 (4 tracks) [66:39]
--Late Show, end--
1 Dark Star [16:45] >
2 Spanish Jam [9:50] >
3 Turn On Your Lovelig//ht [34:32] 

4 Uncle John's Band 
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