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Monday, November 14

Today is Another Trip Back to the Eighties. The Grateful Dead were Playing an Amazing Show at MSG on 9-18-87.

I don't know of a crowd of fans that love to argue, while agreeing, more than Deadheads. Phish fans come close but Deadheads take the cake. There is no debate on this show, however. Almost a year after Jerry's coma, this show proves how far he had come back for us. The man had to RELEARN the guitar. I can't play that good once, let alone forget than have to relearn it again.   
I don't know what else to say except to say that on it says in comments, "best show of the year"! When it comes to agreeing on anything, about the only thing Deadheads will agree on is that the band is amazing. Everyone has their favorite years, their favorite keys player, favorite songs, etc. This show begins with Weir asking the crowd "to watch him levitate Garcia" and the band launches into "Hell In a Bucket" and doesn't look back from there. The first set is a little short but the "Bird Song", "Candyman", and "Sugaree" are all top-shelf versions. If you say, " but those are all Garcia songs" well, that's because the fat man was rocking at this show. Weir's incantation didn't levitate Garcia but made Jerry levitate MSG that night. It is a short first set but the second set is one for the ages and don't skip the first because it is so hot you need gloves to handle it.
The titanic second set starts with an absolutely mind-blowing "Shakedown Street". You can hear the crowd go crazy when a band member strums the "giveaway" chord at the song's beginning. This is a matrix so you can hear the audience go nuts. Somehow the band ramps up the energy through the second set through "D>S" into "GDTRFB>Watchtower" which goes into one of the most titanic "Morning Dew"'s ever. I've heard a lot of versions of this song in which people claim it's the best ever but this is up there. Just when you think Jerry has laid it all out and Bobby is closing up shop with a rave-up "Good Lovin'" Jerry decides the song needs a "La Bamba" in it and it is perfectly placed before they slip back into "Good Lovin'" and then come out for an amazing "Knocking on Heaven's Door" to send the crowd out into the NYC night.

Greg Heffelfinger
Grateful Dead

OneHell In A Bucket [6:14] >
Sugaree [10:32] >
Walkin' Blues [6:10] ;
Candyman [6:44] ;
When I Paint My Masterpiece [4:08] ;
Bird Song [9:57]


Shakedown Street [11:56] >
Man Smart (Woman Smarter) [6:58] >
Terrapin Station [13:06] >
Drums [8:25] >
Space [6:#50] >
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [5:58] >
All Along The Watchtower [4:45] >
Morning Dew [10:53] >
Good Lovin' [4:11] >
La Bamba [1:31] >
Good Lovin'[ 2:33]


Knockin' On Heaven's Door [8:14]


:Best show of the year
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