Today for Your 30 Shows in 30 Days: The Grateful Dead in Anchorage, AK 6-21-80

  The Grateful Dead rolled into the great white north for a run of four nights in Anchorage. The Eighties started with some solid "disco dead" but this show has one of the best "Lazy Lightning>Supplication" that the band ever played.
6-21-80. Anchorage,AK A smoking show during the summer solstice
The show begins with a solid "Sugaree". The band takes some chances that show they are ready to jump out of the box this night.After the nice rocking cowboy duo of "Me and My Uncle>Big River" The band pulled out a rollicking "Lazy Lightning>Supplication" that jammed as hard as any one of the famous 70's versions. Brent dialed in on "Far From Me" and they capped the first set off with a smokin' hot "Feel Like a Stranger".
Starting with an unusual "Big Railroad Blues" opener, the band quickly took off. Tearing into "Samson & Delilah" before the Sunday Samson trend started, the band launched an epic "Terrapin Station" that has an incredible peak but that still wasn't quite enough so they tore into "Playin' in the Band" and that was what pushed this show into five-star territory. The whole band was on and the song was pushing up into the aurora borealis. After a rhythm devil battle and a crazy space, the band stepped out into "Truckin'" and came down with a sugar sweet "Stella Blue" and a rollicking Sugar Mags. They were having such a good time they stayed for a double encore of "Sat. NIght> Brokedown Palace". The band seemed to have fun playing in Alaska even though they didn't do it that often. This is one of those shows that prove that magic can happen "in the strangest of places when you look at it right"

Greg Heffelfinger

Grateful Dead

Set 1:
d1t01. Tuning
d1t02. Sugaree->
d1t03. Minglewood Blues
d1t04. Candyman
d1t05. Me & My Uncle->
d1t06. Big River
d1t07. Loser
d1t08. Lazy Lightning->
d1t09. Supplication
d2t01. Tuning
d2t02. Far From Me
d2t03. Ramble On Rose
d2t04. Feel Like A Stranger

Set 2:
d2t05. Tuning
d2t06. Big Railroad Blues
d2t07. Samson & Delilah
d3t01. Tuning
d3t02. Terrapin Station->
d3t03. Playin' In The Band->
d3t04. Drums->
d3t05. Space->
d3t06. Truckin'->
d3t07. Stella Blue->
d3t08. Sugar Magnolia

d3t09. One More Saturday Night->
d3t10. Brokedown Palace

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