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Sunday, November 13

Today for 30 shows for 30 Days, We're Going to Visit Alpine Valley: 6/23/88

This was the last night of a four night stand and besides the first, and for my money best, "Believe It or Not", the band also breaks out "Blackbird" for the first time.

The last night at Alpine in 88'. Great Dew and the first "Believe it or Not" and a funny shot at "Blackbird"6-23-88 Alpine Valley 
This is one of those shows that proves how much Brent and the band were having fun in the 80's. The playing is top-notch. Healy does some weird things with the sound. Of course, Bobby was playing the cheese ball with his pepto-pink guitar. 
The band came out ready to play with a nice "Iko Iko" and runs through a beautiful, if routine, first set. However, that " Bird Song" is a great version. It's a pretty "Bobby-ful" set to get things going.
The second set is all bliss from a bouncy and rare "Hey Pocky Way" to start the set. The magic is then poured out of Jerry's soul with the debut and possibly best "Believe it or Not" the band ever played. The rest of the band had found their groove too. After running through a  well-played set to the "drums>space" the band took off with a smokin' "Miracle" and the band just stays on fire until the "Morning Dew" that Jerry melts faces on. Then comes the funny, first shot at "Blackbird", where you can hear Brent actually laugh. It's kinda bad because you can really hear the effects that Healy is throwing in and it kind of takes you out of what could have been a great moment. Just to make sure, the boys through in a "Brokedown Palace" as the four show stand is over. Hearing Brent laugh though is priceless. Time for some more Brent shows.

Greg Heffelfinger

Grateful Dead
Alpine Valley, E. Troy, WI

OneIko Iko
New Minglewood Blues
It Must Have Been The Roses
Me And My Uncle >
Mexicali Blues
Stagger Lee
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Bird Song
The Promised Land 


Hey Pocky Way
Believe It Or Not
Man Smart, Woman Smarter
He's Gone>
I Need A Miracle>
Gimme Some Lovin'>
All Along The Watchtower>
Morning Dew


Blackbird >

Brokedown Palace 
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