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Thursday, November 3

Since the is doing Thirty Days of Dead, Playing One or Two Songs at a time, We Are Going to Play Shows. By:Greg Heffelfinger

The plan is to post a Grateful Dead show every day. More or less, from every year. Today's show is a barn burner from 1968. October 12, 1968 is the middle of Primal Dead. They've got the chops now and are really getting down and dirty with each show. 
After the had brushed off the cobwebs and started playing more and more of their own material, the band started growing by leaps and bounds. Don't get me wrong, I love the old covers. The "In the Pines" and the "Baby Blues" but once they released Anthem of the Sun and let the psychedelic cat out of the bag and run wild, the band took off. This is an epic show. I hate the word epic but from the beginning "Dark Star" and Bobby's funny banter, this show takes off. I think this might be the best "Cryptical>TOO>Cryptical" I've ever heard. It's literally the only Grateful Dead I've wanted to head bang too. You could tell these guys were serious about what they were doing. After starting with a fast-paced "Dark Star" they just move on to the famous combo of "St.Stephen>The Eleven before going into a "Death Don't Have No Mercy" that Jerry slays, vocally and instrumentally.

There is plenty of funny banter during the show but be prepared to have your wig split by "The Other One" and even though the "Dark Star" is really fast and either Pig or one of the drummers is going off with the wood block scraper it's amazing. They drop hints of "Caution" and "Alligator" all through the second half of the show but they settle on "New Potato Caboose" and just tear it up until finally getting to the end of the show, which is seven minutes of "Feedback", they just don't let up. When you think of a show to go too if you had some of Owsley's finest and a time machine, this is one that should make the list

Greg Heffelfinger.

Banter (1) [0:23]%[0:37] ;
Dark Star [14:53] >
Saint Stephen [4:51] >
The Eleven [9:58] >
Death Don't Have No Mercy
Cryptical Envelopment [#1:28] >
Drums [0:10] >
The Other One [7:08] >
Cryptical Envelopment [8:30] >
New Potato Caboose [3:28] >
Jam [3:11] >
Drums (3) [1:35] >
Jam (4) [7:12] >
Feedback [7:15#]
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