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Tuesday, November 8

New to You-Tube is Phish's Show from Assembly Hall From 20 ago today

New to You-Tube is Phish's Show from Assembly Hall 
From 20 ago today 
      When I woke up this morning I never imagined I would get a pleasant surprise. A phish show from my second favorite Phish tour appeared on YouTube. A show that I attended and still hold dear in my many show memories. I love America! 
     The whole show is a highlight. They encored with "Theme from the bottom" and everything that preceded it is certified hold. The 2001>Maze that opened the second half is especially Phishy. Enjoy! 

Watch Phish’s performance at Assembly Hall from twenty years ago today:

11/08/1996 Assembly Hall, University of Illinois

Set 1: Runaway Jim,  Axilla >  All Things Reconsidered >  Mound,  Down with Disease > Prince Caspian,  Reba,  Golgi Apparatus,  Run Like an Antelope

Set 2: Also Sprach Zarathustra >  Maze,  Bouncing Around the Room >  Simple,  Loving Cup,  Mike's Song,  The Star Spangled Banner,  Weekapaug Groove

Encore: Theme From the Bottom

Trey had equipment problems in Simple, so Loving Cup (“I know I play a bad guitar”) was played next. Simple included a Cecilia tease. ATR was played for the first time since July 1, 1995 (108 shows) and Axilla was played for the first time since October 16, 1994 (170 shows).

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