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Friday, November 4

In Today's Grateful Music's "Thirty Days of Dead" shows. We Go Back to -6-27-69. By : Greg Heffelfinger

In the very end of the 60's the Dead were starting to veer away from the Live/Dead material and some of the newer stuff was starting to come out. This show has the best of both worlds.
This show is full of surprises from the "Slewfoot" opener with Jerry on pedal steel to Bobby singing "Dire Wolf" then their is the amazing "Dark Star". Towards the end Phil starts trying to steer towards "Lovelight" but nobody bites and the show goes on to "St. Stephen>The Eleven" then of all things ends with "Green Green Grass of Home" and a slower, more deliberate take on "It's All OVer Now, Baby Blue". So it is a wonderful mix of the psychedelic rangers and the cosmic-country of Gram Parsons.
 Jerry also plays pedal steel on "Green,Green Grass of Home" and "Dire Wolf". Since this show was a benefit and had other artists banjo player Peter Grant sits in on "Slewfoot" but is barely audible due to getting the taping, "just exactly perfect." Because this show is a mix of the primal and the country dead, we get a lot of early versions of songs that are real treats when you hear what they started as versus what they became. "Casey Jones",only the third one, has a wonderful slower intro and a great middle jam and the "Dire Wolf" that made it onto the reissue as a bonus track is the one from this show. But just when you think that this is all country Dead, this is one of the deepest, grooviest "Dark Stars" out there. It's like the band was saying "Hey, check out this new stuff before we blow out you mind". This version has multiple hints at "The Other One, Feeling Groovy, and Beginnings". It's just amazing. And to wrap it up with such a slowed down "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue" is just the icing on the cake.

Greg Heffelfinger

Mama Tried>
High Time 
Dupree's Diamond Blues 
Me And My Uncle 
Casey Jones 
Dire Wolf 
Sittin On Top Of The World >
Big Boss Man
Dark Star >
Saint Stephen>
The Eleven >
Green Green Grass Of Home

Encore: It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
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