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Tuesday, November 29

Hang Out Festival is officially sell out festival In other news Frank Ocean is alive

Hang-out Music and Cops Festival just released another Shit Line-Up 
      I recall when Hang Out was the best Festival in the country by far. Headliners one year was Tom Petty, Paul Simon and fucking the Red Hot Chilipeppers. This year Frank Ocean is on top. Profits will sore! I literally covered Hang-out, Waka, Bonnaroo and Summercamp in one month. Hang-out was far and away the best. Enter VH1 and in two years in went from paradise to a Strip mail on a beach. The once heady festival is now Sell-out Music festival. New motto is come for the music and stay until you can afford bond. If this line up excites you then go to another Jam Band site and read the commercial. I don't care if a publicist gets mad. Well, I do because they treat the  press great. Now they will need to hope we show up.  Plus, I hate Sand, but dancing to Sand on Sand made it less annoying when it was in my ass all month.