Grateful Musics 30 Grateful Dead Shows in about 30 Days continues with a Gem

Grateful Musics 30 Grateful Dead Shows in about 30 Days continues with a Gem from 10-15-1981 in Melkweg, Amsterdam. Full Video and 411



      The Grateful Dead in Amsterdam what could go be more perfect? The band has a tradition of laying eggs at the shows that seem to be a match made in heaven. Look no further than Woodstock or the band members own quotes for other examples. But this show and tour in famed Amsterdam,  Holland is an exception to that or any rule.  

    Both sets song selection is unusually beautiful, as they play tunes in unexpected places to great ends. The first set is highlighted by a touching"They Love Each Other" > "EL Paso", but the whole first set plays to perfection with a song forward approach. 

    The second set is so unique that I wore out my cassette version growing up. They take a handful of songs that usual have no reason to be performed  together and a masterpiece unfolds. Enjoy! 


Grateful Dead Live at Melkweg on 1981-10-15

Set 1

New Minglewood Blues 
They Love Each Other >
El Paso 
Friend Of The Devil >
Little Red Rooster 
Beat It On Down The Line 
Far From Me 
Alabama Getaway >
The Promised Land

Set 2

Man Smart (Woman Smarter) 
He's Gone >
Spoonful >
Drums >
Space >
The Other One>
Wharf Rat >
Around And Around >
Johnny B. Goode

It's All Over Now, Baby Blu

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