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Friday, November 25

For the Second Show of 30 Shows in 30 Days We have One of the Best of 93' -9/22/93 MSG w/ David Murray and James Cotton

  In one of the final shows of the year, the boys had their yearly run at MSG. This night jazz great David Murray and blues legend James Cotton both sit in and look out for Phil on this one. He is on fire.
This is concert that received the 1993 trifecta from Deadbase. "Best Show, Show most regretted missing, and best tape of 93'" so if there is any doubt that this show has a good pedigree before listening, I suggest you spin it at least once.
This show opens with a Help>Slip>Frank's for the year. The opening chord of the "Help on the Way" was like the horn that starts a horse race. They shot out of the gate and didn't slow down after the Franklins ended. After a Minglewood does what it does. Jerry delivered a solid "Ramble on Rose" and Bobby delivers a solid rendition of "Masterpiece". The true story of the first set besides the H>S>F is the "Bird Song" that is the first song that features special guest, sax master, David Murray. The song is just one of the most wonderful versions of the song I've heard that came from the nineties. Murray, of course, adds a fluttery touch that perfectly melds with Jerry's leads and Bobby's guitar is back up in the mix.

The second set starts a little weirdly with an "Easy Answers" which is an odd way to start the set. Followed by "Lazy River Road" it was an odd opening way to open the set and David Murray stayed out of the fray for the most part during the opener but "Lazy River Road" is the third jewel in the crown of new Hunter/Garcia songs that include "So Many Roads" and "Days Between" and no one will ever convince me that this wasn't a great song already. Some people think it still needed work but I happen to love it and at this show they played the crap out of it. Jerry was full of energy and showed up ready to play. Sometimes he had too much too fast when they played in New York but this night his new tone from his new guitar blended perfectly. David Murray was providing lines and fills throughout the whole second set. Especially during "Estimated Prophet". This is one of the "Estimated Prophet"s' for the ages. After an epic version, they go even deeper into the jazzy side of the band with a great nineties "Dark Star" David Murray was just as active as Jerry and Jerry was going off. Even Drums and Space included him. Billy and Mickey spared no drum as they blew minds and played off of David Murray.

Like Marsalis, Murray knew when and where to play and didn't over play. The back half of the show after a tear-jerker of a "Wharf Rat" the band brought out harp legend, James Cotton. He helped close down this show with a rave-up on "Throwing Stones" and the classic blues tune, "Lovelight". The only down note of this show, in my opinion, was that they played the encore of 93' "I Fought the Law". I wish they had put a little more thought into the encore but after such a hot show, you'll hear no complaints from me. Have a good listen to what is widely considered the best show of 1993.
9/22/93 "Help>Slip>Frank" MSG 9-22-93

Grateful Dead

First Set:

Help On The Way >
Slipknot! >
Franklin's Tower >
New Minglewood Blues ;
Ramble On Rose ;
When I Paint My Masterpiece ;
Bird Song (1)

Second Set:

Easy Answers (1) ;
Lazy River Road (1) ;
Estimated Prophet (1) >
Dark Star (1) >
Drums (1) >
Space (1) >
Wharf Rat (1) >
Throwing Stones (2) >
Turn On Your Love Light (2)

I Fought the Law
1.) w/ David Murray
2.) w. David Murray and James Cotton

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