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Tuesday, November 29

Check out the set Gordon played last night. Videos, Setlist, photos

Mike Gordon performed a stellar show in Philadelphia Last Night.

       Mike Gordon and the amazing musicians he has assembled (the Mike Gordon Band already!) have blown the roof off what is usually a side project. T.A.B is a side project,  but Mike is playing in a band. Kimock's offspring combined with Gordon is the most interesting rhythm section since Plil Lesh and Joe Russo.
 My staff writer Sam is on tour and I must admit, I thought "who goes on Gordo tour?" A very happy Phish head is the obvious answer. He went to a magical place where "Spock's Brain" is an encore and "Meat" is overplayed. Plus their originals are so damn ......original! The city of brotherly love mostly stayed home, the comfortably crowded dance floor were mostly kids on mini tour. Mike Gordon is almost a different person on this tour. Well, almost! Long live Cactus. 

Kevin Long

Mike Gordon@ Philly
SET 1: Say Something , Spiral , Jones , Looking for Clues , Daisy Hill Grove , Check Your Pepper , Crazy Sometimes
SET 2: Ether > Black Tambourine , Peel , Susskind Hotel , Sleep to Dream , Here Today
ENCORE: Spock's Brain > Let's Go