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Thursday, November 10

2016 Grabs Another Unique Voice for it's Heavenly Choir. RIP Leonard Cohen, Thank You for Everything You Left Us With

  2016 has claimed another star, this time Leonard Cohen.
Shortly after the release of what is his final album, So You Want it Darker, Leonard Cohen has left us with a magnificent body of work. He influenced so many artists and even though he was more popular in his later years, the man could write a song that would break your heart. Often touted as the Canadian Dylan by hacks that did no research, he was as original as they come. 
Despite being labelled the "godfather of gloom" or the "high priest of pathos", according to the BBC, Leonard Cohen was an ever-shifting artist that was always in motion. Even though he dealt with depression his lyrics were witty, self-deprecating, and charming. The Canadian troubadour, who was also a novelist and artist, influenced many of the most popular artists today. Even though his biggest hit, "Hallelujah" is most famous when it's sung by Jeff Buckley, the artist himself had plenty of material that was amazing. Goodbye Leonard and may you rest in peace.

Greg Heffelfinger

Leonard Cohen Live in Rotterdam 2013

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